Principal Investigator


Dr. Alyson Fournier, PhD
Dept. of Neurology and Neurosurgery
Canada Research Chair in Regenerative Neuroscience

Current Lab Members


Isabel Rambaldi, MSc
Research Assistant


Ricardo Alchini, PhD candidate
Project: Role of 14-3-3 proteins in axon guidance


Marie-Pier Girouard, PhD candidate
Project: Defining a role for RhoA proteolytic cleavage in neuronal regeneration


Camille Juzwik
the Magnificent, PhD candidate
Project: Impact of neuronal microRNA dysregulation in Multiple Sclerosis on neurite outgrowth and regeneration


Andrew Kaplan, PhD candidate
Project: Role of 14-3-3 proteins in axonal regeneration

Mardja Bueno, PhD candidate
Project: Role of 14-3-3s in CNS injury and repair

Julia Zhang, MSc candidate
Project: Immune factors in CNS injury and repair

Angie Giannakopoulos
Administrative Assistant

Former Lab Members

Graduate Students
Ricardo Sanz, PhD
Gino Ferraro, PhD
Christopher Kent, PhD
Stephan Ong Tone, PhD
Hsin-Kang (Sidney) Hsieh, PhD
Melissa Wright, MSc
Yazan Alabed, PhD
Horia Pribiag, MSc

Research Assistants
Dawn Gano
Kristie Robson

Post-doctoral Fellows
Mamad Khazaei
Tadayuki Shimada
Madeline Pool

Edith Grados-Munro
Abdellah Elhabazi

Undergraduate Students
Andrea Weckman
Robin Britton
Beth Gowing
Fiona Wong
Lianne Kopel
Wenya Miao
Shang Zhu Zhang
Lucas Holy
Ariel Levy
Ryan Leo
Leonie Hum
Robert Simmons Beck
Samantha Man